A one day ROPE dedicated weekend experience

Featuring 3 Pyromainacs

July 24, 2010

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Needle Play
Crucible members Single - $50
Non members Single - $75

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Saturday, July 24th

9:30am ~ 10:00am Continental Breakfast
10:00am ~ 11:00am Panel Session: How many ways have we screwed this up
11:00am ~ 12:30pm Class Session 1
12:30pm ~ 1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm ~ 3:00pm Class Session 2
3:00pm ~ 3:15pm Break
3:15pm ~ 4: 45pm Class Session 3
4:45pm ~ 5:00pm Break
5:00pm ~ 6:30pm Class Session 4
6:30pm ~ 2:00am Open Play
9:30pm ~ Fire Spinning in Parking Lot
9:00pm ~ 2:00am Open Play for ALL


Whittney ~

Professional massage therapist, Pagan priest, healer and educator.

A mystic jester travelling a spiritual path which blends the various arts and skills learned along his traveles in life. A deep passion for the wonder of life influences and drives all his pursuits. His core practice and teaching centers on the art of self transformation through spiritual exploration. It's never how your explore Spirit, It's that you explore Spirit that counts.

In his own practice, Whittney experiments with various mixtures of healing arts, spiritual exploration, sexuality, BDSM, meditation, music, trance and touch into an elixir of enlightenment. He'll happily share his brew with anyone interested. More importantly, he'll share the secret of how to concoct your own elixir that will help you transform into the gold which lies within you.

He has learned his many crafts from the bottom up. Beginning over and over again as a seeker, coming to mastery and then becoming a seeker again. Walking the circle over and over again to see the path from different angles and through different eyes. Now, a teacher in the BDSM and Pagan communities, he combines his experience of healing, faith and trance work to offer insights into the many ways in which magik manifests itself around us in every aspect of life.

Whittney has been a long time presenter for Black Rose Society and The Crucible, in DC. He explores and teaches about the ordeal path with the members of Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm. He and his partner are facilitators for a public ordeal rite, SuspenDC. He and his lover are also working on many projects to be of service to their communities. For information on upcoming events, check out

Whittney's classes are not for the faint of heart. HeÕll see to it that everyone gets involved. His charm and panache will captivate you, as he pulls you out of your chair and eggs you on to discover whatÕs inside yourself. Take a chance, risk discovering parts of yourself that you lost track of, or, maybe, even find something in you which you never knew existed.


All Class Descriptions subject to change

Poi I (Basic Skills)
Every skill begins with the first practice. The great thing about poi is that spinning is fun and practice is a joy. In poi basics we introduce and practice the basic techniques to spinning poi well. We will do some warm up stretching to get your body ready to spin. Once warmed up, we begin working with the basics of planes (the area defined by a spinning poi) and moving within the planes made by your poi. We start with planes and come back to plane exercise all the time because managing your planes is one of the most important skills to poi spinning. By the end of this class, students will know how to hold their poi safely and how to practice the basic skills of planes and turns.


Poi II (Intermediate Skills)

Pre Requisite: Basic knowledge of how to spin poi
The intermediate class focuses on teaching specific trick to practice with your poi. We review planes and butterflies. From there we progress to weaves and follow patterns. Everyone who picks up poi has natural talent with some kinds of tricks. This class tries to cover what are considered the basic and intermediate poi tricks to help students develop confidence and new skills with their poi. By the end of the class, students will know the basics of butterfly, weave and follow the leader type tricks.


Fire I (Spotter Training)

Pre Requisite: Ability to pay attention.
The most important skill any fire spinner learns is how to spot for others. Fire spinning is a community activity and no one should ever spin alone. We also encourage every new spinner to take the time to spot for other fire spinners as they are practicing with their poi swings getting ready for their first burn. No one has a better view of what a spinner is doing then their spotter and spinners are always grateful to have an extra pair of eyes and hands to help keep them safe. In this class students will learn the basics of Fire Spinning Safety, how to safely handle the fuels used in Fire Spinning, and how to be an effective Spotter for Fire Spinning. This class is a must for any new burner.

Pyro Sadist


Whole Lotta Blue Flame

Brian aka Pyrosadist ~

Brian AKA Pyro Sadist has been in the scene for over a decade. He has been with his collared slave dottie (slutress) since he entered the scene. Between the two of them they have collared their femsubs caroline and sammi. Together with dottie Brian founded The Gate one of the of largest munch groups in the Philadelphia area which is still going strong and then started a second chapter of The Gate in Massachusetts. The two of them own Needle Play Design, their custom embroidering company. Brian and dottie have traveled as far north as ME as far south as VA and as far west as MO to play and teach. They have given instruction in Fireplay, Needleplay, and Singletails at various venues to include The Space, the play space of The Society Behind The Scenes, The Black Phoenix,  and Camp Crucible among many others.

Brian aka Pyro Sadist has been in the scene for over a decade. He has been with his collared slave dottie (slutress) since he entered the scene. Brian and dottie founded The Gate; one of the of largest munch groups in the Philadelphia, as well as, The Gate in Massachusetts. His leather family consists of himself, his alpha slave dottie and their femsubs caroline & sammi...along with some nieces & nephews along the way.

Brian's main passion is fire. He has never been known to pass up an opportunity to set someone on fire or how to teach someone how to set someone on fire.

The two of them own Needle Play Designs, their custom embroidering company. Brian and dottie have traveled as far north as ME as far south as VA and as far west as MO to play and teach. They have given instruction in Fireplay, Needleplay, and Singletails at various venues for various groups to include The Society (, Behind The Scenes-Pa, The Black Phoenix, -PA, Camp Crucible, Leather Retreat & TES.


Class Descriptions

Dancing with Flame - Fireplay

Fireplay is definitely edge play, for anything with fire is implicitly dangerous. But I have found that fireplay has a sensual eroticism and art to it that so many can relate to. Who among us hasn't sat transfixed gazing into a fires light. And to feel and witness that same sensual flow of warm flame across our bodies, lapping over, then passing and leaving only a warm lingering touch. No experience is necessary for this class, some practice materials will be available for use. Both technique, safety, and sensual/art/erotic applications will be gone over in this class. Even if you might not think it's quite your thing, you might be surprised by the sensual beauty and artistry of the flame.

We will be going more in depth than usual in this class. The method that I use to make our wands (Top Trade Secret!) will be revealed and demonstrated, & materials explained.

Using the always fun violet wand for fire will be shown as well as all the techniques that I know that give me all the play dates I can handle where ever I may go.


Suck You - Introduction to Fire Cupping.

What is fire cupping? It's actually an ancient oriental healing method that some have perverted for fun (I know, you're shocked!) The sensations can vary depending on the person and the placement of the cups. I will go over and demonstrate most of the techniques of cupping as well as placement of the cups. A warning to those who want to try the cups; I can ALMOST promise you that you will have marks that will last between several hours to several days (and in some cases, several weeks).

Why cups? Hell why not! They can be used to make some awesome well as make the ones already there deeper (And more painful too)

A beginners guide to fire breathing.

What is fire breathing? It is the act of insanely taking a mouthful of VERY flammable fuel, spitting it onto a burning torch and shooting flame 3-10 feet away. This is NOT for children or for that matter anyone of intelligence! This is only for the truly nuts! And NO you will NOT be doing any breathing but given the opportunity to learn the basic skills. You will NOT be ready to perform this crazy act after the class...but if you're willing to practice you soon will be.



"Uncle" Frazier ~


Class Descriptions


Flash Cotton ~ Not just for magicians

Don't do this at home!

A dozen mistakes I've made in fire play scenes, and how not to make them in your FIRE scene!










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